ProSimA320 1.15

ProSimA320 Download

September 27 2018 Release version 1.15
– Fixed V/DEV missing during raw data flight
– V/DEV in PROG page should remain visible during descend and approach FMS phase
– Automatic selection of NONE for VIA or transition if none available.
– Fixed issue where altitude flyover waypoints after takeoff were bypassed

– Fixed Hyd pump FAULT light not illuminating when resevoir overheats
– Single elev fault due to hyd loss should not cause alternate law
– Fixed nose wheel steering available when steering pin inserted
– Fixed triple click for capability change while ILS not received
– Added failures for reactive windshear detection
– Added XPDR 1 and XPDR 2 ECAM procedures
– Added stuck mic failures
– Rewired signals through SDAC so ECAM responds correct to SDAC failures

– Improvements in PFD pitch scale
– Improvements in ECAM fuel page for FQI faults

Flight guidance:
– Improved autopilot handling to prevent oscillations
– Fixed LOC mode not available during RA 1+2 failure
– Improvements of elevator control in extreme pitch conditions

– Added missing Skalarki ACP panel switches
– Added support for FSCockpit ACP INT/RAD switch

– Fixed Vls disappears when manually enter Vapp
– Fix NAVRAD page should filter navaid types when entering names in VOR or ADF fields

– Fixed Right wing doors named incorrectly
– Fixed terrain database not downloading correctly
– Fixed RMP NAV tuning of course not working
– Added SDK output of sidestick forces
– Navaid virtualization is now enabled when the installed AIRAC database supports it.
The status of navaid virtualization is shown in the “Database” part of the “Software” block in ProSimA320-system.
If enabled, all navaid signals are now generated based on AIRAC data, instead of scenery in Prepar3d.
Support for virtualization is available by downloading the latest AIRAC database from Navigraph.



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