ProSim A320 version 1.16

October 26 2018 Release version 1.16
– Added support for along track waypoints
– Added MCDU support for time markers
– Added support for block type altitude constraint
– PFD target alt should not show runway threshold alt during RNAV approach
– Fixed aircraft not descending when pushing FCU ALT during cruise
– VNAV descend fixes
– Managed descend should ignore FCU ALT when FINAL APP armed
– Fixed DIR to FROM point creates discontinuity
– Added FMS Engine Out mode
– Do not activate go around mode when levers moved into TOGA during engine failure at FLX takeoff
– Fixed FMS managed speed mode during engine failure in NAV mode
– Fix situation where managed vertical mode is armed when no managed vertical mode is active

– Added fuel over/under temperature failures
– Added hung start
– Fixed ground steering issues with nosewheel steering disabled
– Switch only outer DU between PFD/ND with XFER switch when ECAM switching state is not in normal position
– Fixed fuel cross feed ECAM memo
– Added fire indication due to loop failure
– ECAM ignition message should not appear when engine anti ice switch is on

– Fixes to ECAM pages
– Updates size of fixes in ND
– Added N1limit in upper ECAM
– Added amber EGT limit in upper ECAM
– Tuned ECAM ELEC page
– Added Metric alt to lower ECAM
– Fix Direct2D performance degradation after running for several hours
– Reduced size of DME symbol in ND
– Tuned ECAM visuals for FCTL
– Chrono indication on ND should be white
– Fixed DME only stations not shown with EFIS VOR button
– Fixed ND not showing CSTR on waypoints when CSTR function is on and lateral mode is not managed
– Improvement in ND descend marker during selected modes

– Added missing ACP switches and ACP3 for Poldragonet hardware
– Added reading light support for Poldragonet hardware
– Added support for Poldragonet sidestick and tiller hardware
– Fixed Poldragonet XPDR does not show test pattern during light test

– Added MCDU ETT function
– Fixes to font size in MCDU FPLN page

– Fix issue with intercom latency increasing over time
– Improved failure naming

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