ProSim A320 1.17 Changelog


November 23 2018 Release version 1.17
– Added support for const mach segments
– Added step alts
– Revised conditions for arming ILS approach instead of RNAV approach
– RNAV approach arming now causes selected vertical mode to switch to managed mode
– Fixes for FMS phase transitions and FMA modes during takeoff
– Fix for crash when passing waypoints on longitude 0
– Make sure FCU heading is synchronized before disconnecting flight modes
– Fixed increasing FCU alt during open climb or V/S does not increase cruise alt

– Update to RMP SEL light logic
– Fixed MCDU SP key not working when using ProSimA320 System driver
– Added failures for ECAM fuel advisories
– Fixes in FWC emulator to prevent a reported freeze during flight
– Redefinition of FMS phase transitions to CLB for speed-management during single engine flight
– Do not flash LVR MCT before green dot speed during single engine go around
– Added autoland test button
– Fixed Thrust rating shown too early during engine start

– Updates to N1 gauge

Flight guidance:
– Added dampening for alpha protection speeds

– Fixed crash with Poldragonet driver when no mapping is present
– Added support for Skalarki RMP SEL light

– Fixed overwriting computed block fuel does not work
– Fixed MCDU PBD entry no longer working
– INIT page should allow entering of cruise temp
– Added “Revert to…” naming to HOLD page and fixed colors of fields
– Added slope to NAVRAD page

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