ProSimA320 Version 1.18 Release

December 28 2018 Release version 1.18
– FMS will now update the calculated position of altitude pseudo waypoints to make sure they are sequenced correctly
– Fixed improper VNAV data when flightplan is very short and T/C overlaps T/D

– Fixed VNAV crash
– Fixed XPDR 1 power failure should allow usage of XPDR 2
– Adjusted fuel tank sizes
– Added non cancellable ECAM items
– Updated stall warning system
– Updated ECAM for hung start
– More protection against spurious speed callouts
– Vnav fixes
– Fixed issues with manually tuning VOR stations on RMP

– L/DEV scale now available during RNAV sids
– Fixed ND zoom factor during FCU 1+2 fault
– Updated overhead graphics
– Fixes for PFD overlapping data and V/DEV L/DEV scales
– Added missing L/DEV label

Flight Guidance:
– Updated open climb logic for short altitude deltas
– Prevent APPR button from activating an ILS approach if LOC signal is received on radio when ILS was not manually tuned
– Updated upper limit of ECON speed range when speed restriction is active

– Fixed Poldragonet XPDR 1/2 switch reversal

– Added possibility to enter waypoint on T/C and T/D markers
– Allow LATREV from discontinuity
– Added MCDU brightness keys

– Improved BGL extraction to prevent airports without runways
– Fixed incorrect gear up command after takeoff

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