Cockpit Foundation Design

With the assistance of our UK engineer friend Richard and CockpitSOLID the Soarbywire now has a cockpit foundation conceptual model to work with. To achieve the requirements, a modular type structure was designed out of 40×40 aluminium profiles. These profiles are lightweight and extremely robust in nature and have been commonly used in home cockpit and professional flight deck builds. Their modularity allows you to construct a foundation in steps with no machining required.

Richard designed individual foot plates (8 required for each pedal mechanism) for mounting directly onto the profiles. These plates will need to be manufactured. The pedals float above the ground floor to allow for the 3 linkage bars to operate (1 rudder bar, 2 brake pedal bars). The design allows for OEM floor boards to sit on the rudder mechanism.

If you require any professional design assistance for your flight deck project I recommend you get in touch with Richard at Cockpitsolid; manipulating the foundation model on a workstation has been very helpful in the build process and visualising the end result.

2 thoughts on “Cockpit Foundation Design

  1. Good evening,
    Do you know if cockpitsolid still exist?
    I am interested by your solution of a structure in aluminium but there is no contact form on the website. I am also going full OEM appart the shell structure.


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