Airbus OEM Parts Sale (Updated with prices)

New Years sale -Genuine OEM A320 parts on offer. 

Items ship from Sydney, Australia

ECAM Panel $500
Weather Radar Panel (RESERVED) $550
Rudder Trim Pedestal Panel $200 , $500
Rudder Pedal Liners, Rudder Pedals (Captain and FO); $450, $450
OVH Forward Hyd/Fuel Panel $450
OVH Forward Fire Panel $900
OVH Forward A/C Panel $450
Forward Control Panel (Left OVH) $200
Captain ND/PFD MIP Panel (RESERVED) $300
Terr on ND MIP Panel (RESERVED) $130
Autobrake MIP Panel (RESERVED) $300
Pedestal Switching Panel $150
Pedestal Engine Panel $200
Pedestal replica panels (one set) $200
Aft Overhead Vent panel (2 vents) $120
Aft Overhead ELT panel $180
Aft CVR Head Set/Oxygen Panel $250
Aft Overhead Flood Light $250

Please contact if interested.

ECAM Control Panel and mounting plate $500.00 – genuine ECPs are extremely rare and difficult to source; dimming (left) panel not included;

OVH Fire Panel $900 – internal wiring intact; integral panel backlight has been wired for external 5VDC supply.

FLT Control Panels $150.00 /each


Captain and FO Rudder Pedal liners $450, Rudder Pedals $450


Weather Radar Panel $550 (Reserved)


Panel has been tested and is fully functional with ARINC 429 interfacing.

Parking Brake/Rudder Trim Pedestal Panel  $500 (tested functioning with ARINC 429)

Right and Left Forward Windows Liners $650 / each
Right and Left AFT Window Liners $300 / each

Window liners are extremely difficult to find in the market; they are only usually bundled together with a complete flight deck sale.


Replica Pedestal Panels, complete set $200.00

More details and photos to come.

Watch this space, or e-mail subscribe to the right to receive notification of the sale.

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