ARINC 429 and Voltage Board Interfacing

How many boards are required to enable full flight deck functionality and normal operation on an Airbus A320 OEM Flight Simulator?

Cockpit Concept ARINC 429 LS Transmitter

Transceiver – Transmits and receives communication
Transmitter – Transmits communication
Receiver – Receives communication

Radio Management Panel – 1x ARINC 429 Lo Speed Transceiver for each RMP; each board controls an output VHF

ECAM Control Panel – 1x ARINC 429 Lo Speed Transceiver

Weather Control Panel – 1x ARINC 429 Lo Speed Receiver 

Parking Brake/Rudder Trim Panel – 1x ARINC 429 Lo Speed Transmitter. 

Audio Control Panel – 1x ARINC 429 Low Speed Transceiver (requires special ACP firmware from Cockpit Concept) for each ACP.

ATC/TCAS Panel – 1x ARINC 429 Lo Speed Transceiver (two if you require ATC 1 and ATC 2 functionality).

DDRMI – 1x Hi Speed Transmitter / 2x Lo Speed Transmitter

Clock – 1x ARINC 429 Lo Speed Receiver

Triple Gauge Brake – 1x Analog Voltage board

Flight Control Unit – 1x FCU Interface Board

Overhead Battery Indicator – 1x Voltmeter Interface Board

Cockpit Concept manufactures communication boards which fulfil these roles. In addition specific profiles can be programmed so 1 board can control multiple devices. For example, the Rudder Trim Panel and Weather Control Panel can be wired to one LS Transceiver.

Total Boards Required:

ARINC 429 LS Transceivers7 required (2 for each RMP, 1 for the ECP, 2 for each ACP, 1 for the Rudder Trim and Weather Control Panel [shared profile/board], 1 for the ATC/TCAS, Clock is optional wiring)

ARINC 429 1x HS / 2x LS Transmitter1 required (DDRMI)

Flight Control Unit1 required

Triple Pressure Gauge1 Analog Voltage

Overhead Battery Indicator1 Voltmeter Interface

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