ATC/TCAS Panel Pinouts

Sextant / Thales ATC/TCAS Control Panel

The ATC has 2 control data, 1 or 2. For the purpose of the pinouts only the first control data has been used (the second one is redundant for a simulator). All pinouts are mapped to the J1 plug. 115 VAC is required for operation (a static inverter is used for our purpose to convert 28 VDC to 115 VAC).


Panel Light (5 VDC) – 1,2
PWR 115VAC IN – 3
DC Ground – 6
Monitor Lamp and Display Test – 21
AIRINC 429 A – 22
AIRINC 429 B – 23

All grounds can be tied together. Connect pins 22 and 23 to a lo speed AIRINC 429 board.

ASM 34-52-01, Thales ATC/TCAS Control Panel CMM

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