ProSim 1.21 Release

March 15 2019 Release. It is unusual for the ProSim development team to release a numbered version during the middle of the month. There are significant bug fixes involving aircraft rotation and FBW.

March 15 2019 Release version 1.21
NOTE: Requires .NET Version 4.7.2 or newer!

– Improvements in takeoff trim setting making rotation with normal trim settings more realistic
– Improved FBW roll response
– Also auto tune ILS for LOC approaches
– Fixed oscillating modes when engine fails during VNAV cruise flight
– Do not select missed approach legs as targets for stringing star transition to approach

– Make sure N1 gauge reaches minimum value when the engine is off
– Fixed pedestal XPDR display references incorrect data

– GPWS TERR and CAT 2 INOP when dual FCU fails
– Fixes for STS page during IR faults
– A/THR failure split into A/THR 1 and 2
– Removed IRS total failure and added “IR failure”, which only fails ATT + POS

– Fixed FSCockpit triple gauge has an incorrect range for accu pressure

– Added terrain ahead pullup sound
– Make sure radios provide no signal if no request for any frequency is available
– Reset FMS after landing now also applied to resetting after failure
– Fixed incorrect data for engine values after engine start

– Fixed various issues with return to SEC FPLN

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