DAME Airline Day

Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAMEs) in Australia recently had the opportunity to spend a day at the Virgin Training Centre in Brisbane.

It was another excellent opportunity for the medical examiners to learn about the training systems used by Virgin Australia cabin crew members and their pilots.

The highlight of the day was the chance to handle the Virgin Boeing 777-300ER CAE Level-D simulator. Take off, cruise, bird strike with engine failure, TCAS with advisory, and landing at Sydney Airport were performed.

The Captain observed that I fly the B777 (a fly-by-wire aircraft) like a B737 (hydrualic based)! Jerky movements should be minimised to ensure smooth flight operations.

Overall it was an informative, educational and enjoyable experience by Virgin Australia and the Australasian Society of Aviation Medicine.

Man its cold in Sydney (Snow Simulation)

Following the Glideslope and Localizer down to Sydney Airport…
Its all chill and smooth back here

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