A320 FMGS B52 Update

A320 FMGS B52 Update 11/04/2019


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– A navdata re-build is necessary !!!!!

-Work in progress on OVHD panel graphics interface. This is only a temporary work it will be enhanced further more when more graphics are ready (user contribution by Jacques, big thumbs up to him, feel free to express your thanks on the forums)
-Fixed/enhanced many EIS graphics.
-PFD VDEV can now be green on EIS2 (option). 
-added LDEV display on specific RNP approach (RNP <=0.3NM) (Option on EIS2 only)
-ISIS has a new rounded layout and altitude in meter display (both optional)
-Added multiple selections in SOUND modules list
-Fixed many route drawing issues
-Attempted to fix no route on remote ND issue. You can try this fix by adding the line:
in all your c:\A320FMGS\widefmgs\widefmgs.ini files (on ALL your computers!!)
-Added back trip wind effect on MCDU computations
-tried to fix T/C, T/D, DECEL etc UTC and ALT computations 
-fixed cases where T/D was not drawn
-Implemented oil consumption (rate of about 0.5qt/h)
-Implemented basic ELEC load distribution on generators
-Enhanced flight controls in FBW mode
-Enhanced some AP modes
-Fixed cases where TOGA would not engage, or where ATHR would reduce thrust with TOGA to keep SPEED
-Added fuel temperatures on SD page
-Added some new callouts (V1, pitch, intermediate alt callouts)
-fixed some pressurization problems. Some may still happen, try to make some notes of them
-added new FM standards message and features (T/D reached on PFD, no AP disconnection at MDA and related PFD message)
-fixed some GPWS spurious warnings (G/S)
-fixed crash of OVHD on startup
-enhanced HYD system behavior
-added PROG REPORT page
-fixed ILS approach FMA modes engagement/disengagement (ROLLOUT mode mianly)
-fixed some FWC warnings
-Enhanced ATHR behavior in several situations, less overshoot, faster in some slow conditions.
-slowed the spooldown of engines in some situations

4 thoughts on “A320 FMGS B52 Update

  1. I installed the new Version and Updated the Navdatabase. But the F/Os Displays (PFD and ND of F/O) are not connecting to the Main PCs FMGS Server and DDRMI is still white. Why is it so?


  2. install new database ., delete dot bin files from nav folder. then launch FMGS and new database rebuilds in appx 10min


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