ProSimA320 1.22 Update

April 11 2019 Release version 1.22
NOTE: Requires .NET Version 4.7.2 or newer!

– LNAV/VNAV fixes
– Fixes for LNAV/VNAV and manual legs

– Fixed some speedtape feature visible when SPEED flag is shown
– Fix display freezes

– Allow characteristic speed computation even when FAC switches are off
– Added nose wheel steering fault
– Fixed A/P not disconnecting when in direct law
– Disabled TCAS when IR1 fails
– Added failures for elec hydraulic pumps
– Added failures for heating of air data elements
– ECAM fixes

– Reduce intercom latency when both capture and playback devices are using the same ProSimA320-Audio instance
– Added support for Skalarki gravity gear extend
– Increased Skalarki elevator trim reset speed

Flight guidance:
– LNAV and LOC capture improvements

– Added MCDU clear_line virtual key
– Fixed MCDU XML data lower case “kts”

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