Dual Link Rudder Pedals

One of the more challenging aspects of building the simulator – designing the foundation to mount the dual link rudder pedals. The Airbus OEM pedal mechanisms are fixed on the cockpit sub-structure and 10 mm thickness floorboards slide on top of the pedestal itself.

Each Rudder Mechanism is clamped to 16 mounting points on the foot plates

The foundation frame engineering must be precise – it must be designed to ensure the floorboards are correctly levelled when mounted. Aluminium profiles were utilised to ensure the components of the flight deck could be modular.

The Rudder Pedals and Left and Right Brakes are mechanically linked on the Airbus A320

Sixteen aluminium foot plates (designed by CockpitSOLID) were manufactured and clamped onto the ends of the rudder pedal mechanism. The rudder mechanism was raised up to the correct level and the floor boards and feet rest mounted onto the profiles. The linkage bars were bolted into the rudder and brake pedal arms.

Rudder Pedal Mechanism with floor boards and foot rests installed

With the rods connected the rudder pedals are now in synch – moving one rudder or the left/right brake will also move the other pedals appropriately.

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