Ansett Aviation, ProSimA320 and Vier-Im-Pott ‘Tactile Pod’

Interesting news from ProSim-AR that they will be supplying the software solution for Ansett Aviation Australia. Vier-Im-Pott will be manufacturing a Tactile Pod to be used in these new simulators.

Ansett Aviation, Melbourne Australia

I visited Ansett Aviation last year as part of my Aviation Medical Training. The Level-D simulators (especially the Airbus A320s) are usually booked out to capacity and have a tight schedule. Tigerair and Jetstar Australia send their pilots primarily to Ansett Aviation in Melbourne for training.

The introduction of ProSimA320 into a commercial Flight Simulator Centre like Ansett is good news for cockpit builders and aviation enthusiast – it places the onus on ProSim-AR to get the software correct, accurate in operation and free from system bugs. ProSim-AR is now becoming an important stake holder in the training of real world Airbus pilots and they must ensure they continue to develop their software for full aircraft functionality with careful testing. The intention for the simulators in Ansett Aviation is to also certify them for FNPT II MCC by CASA. As far as the Tactile Pod it will be interesting to see if this is an entirely new design by Vier-Im-Pott, or one of the existing fixed flight deck solutions on offer.

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