Pedestal Refurbishment

The thrust pedestal refurbishment is pretty much complete.

The A320 Pedestal – refurbished after several months of hard work

Knobs have been repainted with the assistance of Cockpit Concept. A big thank you to Mick for helping out with the flaps panel – it was in a terrible shape prior to the repaint. The Simulator Solutions converted MCDU units have been installed. Motorisation of the trim wheel is complete with a Pololu Jrk board.

The Airbus A320 Flaps Panel – looking brand new again

AIRINC PCB boards have now been enclosed in a plastic shell for protection and will need to be individually wired to the canon plugs and connect to the avionics panels.

Cockpit Concept AIRINC boards
Ready for Take Off

One thought on “Pedestal Refurbishment

  1. Hi! Nice work! Can you prompt us where we can buy retirement cockpit parts for refurbishment? I saw a few A320 parts on eBay, but prices are huge and unobtainable for hobbyists. Thank you for any tips!


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