ProSim A320 1.23 Release

With the introduction of the new SDK there were interfacing issued with the Cockpit Concept boards. The bugs have now been resolved with the 1.23 full release. Ensure the Cockpit Concept software starts after Prepar3D.

May 11 2019 Release version 1.23
– Improved GPWS don’t sink message

– Added support for equi-time point
– Added support for polar nav (true referencing) with or without NORTH REF button on MIP
– Large rewrite of LNAV/VNAV core. This allows future updates to LNAV rendering. Currently, the new LNAV core has new support for single waypoint bypass.
– A/THR should announce THR IDLE during autoland flare
– Allow dir to with radial in/out to have magnetic or true referenced input
– Fixed magnetic variation error in dir to radial out
– Show V/S dashed on ground also if CLB armed
– Fixed extra/time does not take min dest fob in account

Hardware drivers:
– FSUIPC driver performance improvements
– Fixed issue with Poldragent engine 2 fire agent indicator
– Added option for 2x encoder support in FSCockpit hardware

– Added gate output for gear handle inhibit
– Fixed incorrect p3d flap command during flap/slat fault
– SDK DataRef “aircraft.fmgc.flightPhase” has been renamed to “aircraft.fmc.flightPhase”.
– SDK DataRefs “system.config.*” now include the cockpit setup group name.
– Seveval SDK DataRefs have been added.
– Added filter to brake pressure indicators

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