SilkAir 9V-SBD Lives on

The flight deck with the registration 9V-SBD (SilkAir Airbus A319-100) was relocated to Sydney Australia on November 2017 to be rebuilt as a fixed based A320 procedural simulator. It has a MSN of 1698 and was manufactured in Hamburg, Germany. At the age of 14.2 years it was scrapped at Cotswold Airport. There are plenty of pictures of 9V-SBD during its active life and even during the scrapping process itself. Videos of the aircraft in service are also available online.

Pictures of the actual cockpit when it was in service remain scarce. I have managed to find one photo of the flight deck and have received permission from the photographer Nick de Jonge (a 737 pilot himself!) to published the image. The picture was taken in 2002.

SilkAir 9V-SBD, image copyright Nick De Jonge

9V-SBD Airframe Details

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