A Few Soarbywire Changes

It has been discussed internally for many months and finally it is here – the Soarbywire forums. The forums have been setup primarily for Jeehell FMGS users to participate in a community and receive support; over the last few months I have received many e-mails from users who were unable to create an account and log onto the mycockpit Jeehell FMGS forum due to a failing CAPTCHA.

The forum will evolve – there will also be a forum for ProSim, general avionics, and users of hardware from suppliers such as Cockpit Concept. Please allow us some time to tweak the forum to your needs.

A Market Place for simulation and flight deck components will also be implemented – this has also been planned for several months and only accelerated the decision after I received grievances from several users that they have been kicked out of an aviation Facebook buy and sell group for no reasonable explanation. The new market place will be setup for all users, commercial or private, and will always remain free.

A permanent link to the forums has been implemented on the top menu.

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