ProSimA320 1.27 Release

August 27 2019 Release version 1.27b8
- Added gear retract release gate for solenoids that release the gear lever
- Fix for spurious triple click alerts
- Added engine ignition C/B's and no ignition failure

August 22 2019 Release version 1.27b7
- Allow tuning of TACANs
- Reworked MCDU winds pages

August 20 2019 Release version 1.27b6
- Do not show VNAV data for missed approach legs
- Update to logic for showing ecam engine page on the ground with mode selector in start position

August 18 2019 Release version 1.27b5
- Fixed EIU fault during engine shutdown in flight
- Do not calculate ETP when source and destination are identical

August 14 2019 Release version 1.27b4
- VNAV fixes

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