CRT Display Insights

The following photos show how a CRT (EIS 1 or old style Airbus monitors) can be simulated using a wide angle LCD laptop screen. A glass has been tinted to provide darker blacks; the PFD/ND/ECAM display contrast can be compared to the MCDUs which use clear glass. Black borders have been cut out of thick art cardboard and mounted to the edges of the LCD screen. The glass and LCD screen is mounted on velcro for easy removability. Velcro is also used on the Main Instrument Panel for mounting the display. No dremeling, machining, or other adhesive has been used in the process.

LCD model and optical specifications available here.

2 thoughts on “CRT Display Insights

  1. Hi Ben,
    Can you give any additional details about the tinted glass that you used e.g. thickness and percentage. Is it glass or plastic?



  2. Hi Justin,

    The ND/PFD/ECAM is glass and was professionally tinted at a framing store. The MCDU is also glass and I self-tinted using window tint from an auto store – WT20 Dark Smoke 20% VLT.



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