A320 Sim Update

Space has been a significant issue – building of the simulator has been performed in an apartment wintergarden (balcony); expansion and completing the Sim will be challenging, if not impossible in the limited area.

The larger parts of the Sim (such as the window liners, overhead components and rear circuit wall) have been residing in storage unused for the last 2 years.

Unfortunately our storage provider has decided to increase rent for the fourth time since moving in; this has provided the motivation to finally move the Sim to a larger usable space where all components and parts can utilised.

A new home will be found shortly…

System down, time to move out

Sim News – it seems like A320 Simulator by Bruno and et al. is developing nicely; the other day they posted an update and their sim now supports EIS1 and EIS2 – https://www.a320simulator.be/2019/10/12/flight-above-the-alps/

Jeehell is the only other avionics software developer with EIS1 and EIS2 configuration; The ProSim-AR team has decided to only model EIS2 .

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