MSFS2020: Home Cockpit Functionality

MSFS2020 has confirmed support for simulation variables and multi-screen/windows. This is good news for cockpit builders as it should allow for seamless integration with hardware.

Home Cockpit Robin DR400 interfaced with MSFS2020

In the latest MSFS2020 Discovery Series Martial Bossard Lead Software Engineer talks about this feature, and their integration with a Robin DR400 Cockpit.

One thought on “MSFS2020: Home Cockpit Functionality

  1. Interesting about “Home Cockpit Robin DR400 interfaced with MSFS2020”
    I own a SoloPanel from Virtual Fly. The Solopanel has all the commands I need for single props. For the outside view I could use in P3d and FSX the keyboard W command. In MSFS2020 I can use the ESC command but looking at the back of the airplane is unrealistic and or all the other signs on the screen. Is there a way to have forward view like there was in P3D or FSX


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