2020 and Beyond

MS2020 – Winter is here!

Microsoft Flight Simulator will launch to much fanfare and reception.

The market will shift towards the new platform leaving Prepar3D, X-Plane and Flight Simulator X in the dust. Airline companies are already enquiring on how they can licence and use MS2020 as a visual generator for their professional sims.

Developers will migrate their new software to MS2020 and eventually phase out compatibility with the older platforms.

Prosim-AR and Jeehell will interface with MS2020. MS2020 aircraft are able to use a ‘legacy’ mode and minimal programming may only be required for the transition (FSX/P3D avionic suites interface using FSUIPC or Simconnect).

As long as Jeehell FMGS and ProsimA320 are compatible with the new Microsoft platform 3rd party hardware providers such as Cockpit Concept and Simulator Solutions should continue to operate as their dependency connects to the Prosim or Jeehell SDK.

Scenery developers such as OrbX will need to diversify their product offerings or may become irrelevant. Weather generating plugins and texture replacement programs will be optional and not mandatory as the default ‘vanilla’ MS2020 already has a high level of fidelity.

3 thoughts on “2020 and Beyond

    • It’s not confirmed but from what I hear there is a ‘legacy’ mode which should hopefully allow the .mdl and aircraft.cfg config files to be compatible. An FS2020 SDK is also going to be released in the near future.


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