Aircraft Flight Surface Check

The OEM sidesticks have now been successfully interfaced with the flight simulator. In the original aircraft there are multiple redundancy, however only wiring one set of inputs from each axis (aileron, elevator, tiller – wheel axis) and push buttons (PTT, AP instinctive disconnect, pedals disconnect ) will be required in the simulator simplifying the process.

5VDC is required for the backlight of the tiller plate, and 28VDC is required for the operation of the sidestick solenoid (locks the sidestick from movement). The 28VDC will be interfaced to a relay for correct operations.

On the original aircraft there are 6 cannon plugs interfaced to the sidestick and tiller of the aircraft ; pictured on the bottom right is a Leo Bodnar joystick interface board wired to a single set of inputs

The Tiller integral plate comes alive with 5 VDC

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