FSL A320-X Hardware Support

Looks like FSL isn’t out of the game; some surprise news today – Leftaris has announced Hardware support starting with Skarlari will be releasing in a few days (!!).


Lefteris Kalamaras

Our “FSLabs Hardware Interface” is undergoing final beta testing at the moment. Version 1.0 of the software will allow full compatibility with Skalarki hardware, starting with the Desktop series FCU/EFIS and MCDU hardware components and followed shortly thereafter by the Radios components, then MIP, Pedestal and finally Overhead components.

We are preparing and readying the web page that will describe this new functionality and we’re really happy with it.

Obviously we never talk about release dates and beta testing has so far uncovered a few items that need fixing, but we’re hopeful that it should come out within the next few days.

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