FSL Hardware Interface v1.0

After several years of development, Flight Sim Labs has finally released 1.0 version of their Hardware Interface. Only one manufacturer (Skalarki) is supported at this time and only the MCDU and Glareshield can be interfaced. Surprisingly each module will require a license use by itself. FSL intends to subsequently release Skalarki driver support for the radios, thurst quadrant, MIP and overhead components.

No SDK has been released, and the components do not appear to to be networkable and work on a client/server basis; the display screens of the Airbus (PFD/ND/ECAM) for example, should be able to be offloaded on a separate client system. There is no mention which other manufacturers they will be cooperating with to develop drivers. The current drivers require an Internet connection for the Hardware Interface Host software to function (DRM?)

I have discussed with other flight simulator vendors and unfortunately because of FSL approach (and lack of developmental request) they will not be supporting their Hardware Interface at this time.

It remains to be seem if FSL can continue to gather more support for their hardware initiatives. FSL A320-X Professional for cockpit builders is no where to be seem and the Hardware Interface seems like an a half-baked effort to please desktop Flight Simmers. The Skalarki MCDU solution was first developed and observed at the 2017 Flight Sim Show; it has taken FSL nearly 3 years to write, and perfect this one hardware driver.

21/02/2020 Update – Lefteris Kalamaras confirms that displays cannot officially work over the network and can only be undocked from the FSX/P3D computer.


The ExtDisplay code which allows the PFD/ND/ECAMs to show as external displays is only proof of concept and NOT for use in release (as they cannot be shared across a network). The proper way to show those Display Units is with separate, undocked popups from inside P3D itself, as that will guarantee best performance, rather than by using the external display utility which is only used for the MCDU displays.

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