RVDT Interface board

Captain Andre has now developed an RVDT interface board which can directly interface with the Airbus rudder transducer.

An RVDT (Rotary Variable Transducer) is an electromechanical transducer which provides a variable AC output that is linearly proportional to the angular displace of it’s input shaft.

RVDT Interface Board Developed By Captain Andre; Rudder Transducer above

RVDT are brushless technology and this ensures reliability and accurate position sensitivity. With the RVDT board we can now directly interface with the original OEM transducer.

The rudder pedals were originally planned to be interfaced with a string potentiometer, but using an RVDT is superior in every way. A string potentiometer uses springs to maintain positioning – these are prone to wear and tear with repetitive use. Using an RVDT allows for the highest level of accuracy and reliability as required by the original aircraft.

Technical Specifications
Recommended RVDT Sensor Airbus Rudder pedal position transducer
Part no. 322000Mxx, 342300Mxx or similar
Supply voltage: +28V DC nominal
Supply voltage range: 24V..30V
Unstable supply voltage may cause variations of the output
The RVDT Interface Board has reverse polarity protection
Power consumption: 0.95W at 28V
Output voltage: calibrated for 0.2V .. 4.8V DC range
Internal operating voltage +8.25V, -8.25V
Position Signal Accuracy 0.01% typical

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