First Officer Seat

The Airbus FO seat has now been received. The seat is heavy, weighing approximately 80 kg; the bulk of the weight is from the electronic actuators at the base. 115 VAC 3 phase is required to operate the electrical functions of the seat – if you do not have an AC source you can also use the manual controls; they allow you to adjust the height of the seat, recline, slide out of position (similar to a Boeing J Rail setup), and fine tune the lumbar support.

The seat will have to be mounted on a frame, and onto the floor boards. Richard, our engineering friend has again helped with the design of the aluminium structure. An acquaintance has also managed to send us a video of the support metal frame below the floor boards on an operating Airbus.

2 thoughts on “First Officer Seat

  1. Hi Ben, I am interested in how you managed tonpower the seat…They need 115v 400hz AC 3phase supply but I am not able to find something which fits…Did you ?
    Thanks 🙂


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