New ProSimA320 Flight Model

There was common discussion among professional pilots how the ProSimA320 flight model was ‘on rails’ and unrealistic. In comparison the freeware avionics suite Jeehell FMGS provided a more accurate rendering of the flybywire system with a flight model which was similar in depiction to the real aircraft.

This might all change with the soon to release ProSimA320 Flight model.

In the latest ProSimA320 beta, the software is being prepared for a new flight model release and support for the ProSim P3D plug in.

March 30 Release version 1.35b2
- Prepare for the new flight model release, add support for new ProSim P3D Plug-In (to be released at a later date)
- Auto-install downloaded add-ins if possible
- Fixed incorrect FMS FOB value after startup with engines running

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