RMP / ATC TCAS LCD Replacement

‘As Removed’ RMPs acquired are usually found with a damaged LCD and light bleed from years of use. The COM frequency might be illegible –

Radio Management Panel – before substitution with the replica LCDs

The RMP LCD has now been replaced by replicas manufactured by Captain Andre. The process was straight forward, only requiring swapping of the LCD panel, elastomer strips and a blue filter.

Radio Management Panel – after substitution with new LCDs

The new LCDs have given the RMP a new fresh of life; they look brand new!

** 12/08/2020 Update ** – RMP LCD replacements can be purchased directly from Captain Andre; contact information available in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “RMP / ATC TCAS LCD Replacement

    • Captain Andre should have a store up shortly where you should be able to purchase an RVDT interface board, LCD screens, among other items. I’ll keep everyone posted on the blog.


  1. For anybody who is interested in buying this LCDs, please contact me at cavoksim@gmail.com. This LCDs have been professionally produced as high quality replacements of the original OEM LCDs. I am selling them to flight simulator enthusiasts as replacement kits to refurbish RMP and Transponder panels . The price is USD $50 per LCD plus shipping. The replacement can be done with basic tools in a few minutes. I can also provide a PDF manual that describes the exchange in great detail.


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