Glareshield Lighting Logic and Pinouts

The left Glareshield and center-left Main Instrument Panel (MIP) flood light is powered by the DC Essential Bus. The right Glareshield and center-right MIP flood light is powered by DC1 Norm Bus.

A simplified schematic of the pinouts with a relay connected to control correct behaviour:

When battery 1 and 2 are operating, essential bus services such as the captain side flood lighting and left MIP flood lighting will be available. With external power or with the APU turned on FO side flood lighting and right MIP flood is available.

Related pinouts – Pedestal Flood Light Control

Bus control can be implemented with ProSim using custom gates in the electrical configuration option. Jeehell FMGS can be configured using the API (implemented in the Cockpit Concept relay board).

ASM, AWM 33-12-02

AWM 33-12-02; for educational use only

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