Glareshield Pinouts

Original glareshield pinouts by Simon Stusek (reprinted with permission). Verified by Soarbywire.

Pin-out Captain
Auto Land – 2111VC A/F
Master Warn – 2111VC M/T
Master Caut – 2111VC J/U
Chrono – 2111VC V/S

Backlight – 2111VC Y/Z
Autoland Upper – 2111VC B/D
Autoland Lower – 2111VC C/E
Master Warn Upper – 2111VC B/N
Master Warn Lower – 2111VC C/P
Master Caution Upper – 2111VC B/K
Master Caution Lower – 2111VC C/L
Priority Upper (Arrow) – 2111VC G/H
Priority Lower – 2111VC G/R

Pin-out F/O
Auto Land – 2112VC C/F
Master Warn – 2112VC P/L
Master Caut – 2112VC K/G
Chrono – 2112VC W/X

Backlight – 2111VC Y/Z
Autoland Upper – 2111VC S/D
Autoland Lower – 2111VC R/E
Master Warn Upper – 2111VC S/M
Master Warn Lower – 2111VC R/N
Master Caution Upper – 2111VC S/H
Master Caution Lower – 2111VC R/J
Priority Upper (Arrow) – 2111VC T/U
Priority Lower – 2111VC T/V

Glareshield Pinout (PDF, Simon Stusek)

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