New JeeHell Forum and FMGS Update

I have received word from Florian that there is now a new FMGS Forum. The previous MyCockpit forum has been unmanaged for many months and has now gone into disarray.

Jean Luc, the developer of FMGS has also released a new FMGS update.

FMGS B53.3.6
Or you can download through the updater.

What’s new:
-Fixed some issues with EGPWS warnings
-Fixed spurious DON’T SINK GPWS warning on go arounds
-Fixed some issues with FWC if you reposition the aircraft to takeoff position without shutting down engines
-Reworked PACK FLOW logic
-Fixed strong engine spool up when restarting an engine inflight
-Fixed too long delay between GEAR LEVER action and UNLOCK LEDs
-Added read FSUIPC offsets for seatbelts and no smoking signs

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