ProSim MSFS2020 – Work in Progress

Hanne (CEO, ProSim-AR) addressing ProSim737 MSFS2020 development (19/10/2020). It is our impression development progress on the 737 suite is also relevant to the A320 software program.

Hi guys,

I understand everyone enthusiastic to start working with the new Microsoft platform. Unfortunately, the state the platform is in doesn’t provide us with any quick results. We are working pretty much day and night in order to create a good working solution as soon as possible. We have ups and downs, sometimes we have a breakthrough and at other times Microsoft pushes an update and all is broken again. We could be just weeks ago from a first beta however we at this point cannot commit to a date yet.

Again, I do understand patience is a difficult thing… However what is happening here in this threat and other external forums is not right. It is against ProSim interests to spread older versions of our software. If you do so you harm us, and indirectly yourself, as 60% of our companies turnover is reinvested in product development.

Further more it’s against our terms and conditions (these terms every ProSim user has agreed with) to circulate ProSim software. Any version 1 users who have migrated to version 2 have during the process declared they trade in their version 1 usage right and will destroy any keys and software. Therefore it would not be so cool if (previous) version 1 users would damage us by pirating their best investment ever (what other purchase of yours has quadrupled in value over time). Most shocking was a user who approached me with a smile last week, saying he had paid to transfer a version 1 licence from someone who migrated to version 2…

Last but not least, what you will achieve is not that great after all and will not live up to any of the users in this forum who in general have high standards and eye for detail. Just to give a few examples; database doesn’t work, autopilot works badly, auto-throttle is truly bad, no weather radar, some FMC functions are off, and the list goes on, including the flight-model itself which flies but obviously very badly in the new sim.

Please think twice and have a little bit of patience. In the meantime, look at this stunning art Lapi works on every night. We will keep you posted on our progress.


Thank you and happy simming, Hanne

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One thought on “ProSim MSFS2020 – Work in Progress

  1. Hi Ben,

    Thank you for sharing my post. This sure is relevant to the A320 as well (see bottom three screenshots), even more so, all integration development and testing is currently done with the A320. When successful we can roll out the same concept for the 737 soon after.

    Have a nice day, Hanne


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