SimStacks Boards For Sale – SOLD


These fully functional and versatile Simulator Solutions SimStacks boards are now for sale for interfacing with your simulator.

Simulator Solutions SimStacks

Simstacks Foundation Board with WAGO Connectors
(Original price AUD 245.00)
Qty available – 2 1
AUD 196.00 / USD 140.00 each

SimStacks Output Board with Wago Connectors
(Original price AUD 165)
Qty available – 6 3
AUD 132.00 / USD 94.00 each

SimStacks Distribution board with Wago Connectors
(Original Price AUD 95)
Qty available – 2
AUD $76.00 / USD 54.00 each

All standoff screws and connectors will be included

Contact if interested

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