ProSim 1.42 – MSFS2020 Support!

ProSim 1.42 will be released tomorrow with native support for MSFS 2020. The release is a preview according to Hanne (CEO, ProSim) and there are some shortcomings:

• Lighting. Due to issues in the MSFS2020 platform, specific lighting controls are not functioning. We worked around this by controlling lights the old-fashioned way, but this does not allow us to specifically control individual lights. Lights can only be controlled per group (landing lights, taxi lights, etc.)

• Flight model. Much time went into experimenting with the flight model code. We have not been able to come up with any consistent results with the modern flight model. It is mostly undocumented, and we ran into lots of elevator trim issues. What’s called the ‘Legacy’ flight model, is using more documented data tables and gave us a much more accurate result. This flight model however is not a copy of what is in P3D. It is based on this, but MSFS2020 adds a new environmental system that interacts much more vividly with the aircraft. This results in over exaggerated roll wobbles especially during slow flight.

Having said that, we were able to tune the model and FBW code to allow for “representative” A320 behaviour. It’s not up to the standard we have in P3D, but we are confident that when more get documented and improved in MSFS2020 over time, we will get closer and closer to proper behaviour.

• IOS controls. This is mostly environmental controls which are still unavailable in FS2020. Weather can only be changed in FS2020.

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