Airbus Simulator 2021 and Beyond

Happy holidays – we look forward to further development and features for our Flight Simulators in 2021!


In November ProSim-AR launched a preview release of their avionics program compatible with the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator software. The release has significant bugs – expect an iterative improvement process by the ProSim development team going forward. MSFS/Asobo has an incomplete SDK and this is a significant challenge for development teams working on the new platform. ProSimA320 continues to support Prepar3D for those requiring stability in their training and simulation sessions.

ProSimA320 running Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as the Visual Generator
ATSU Weather Request Function (1.43 Beta)

The latest ProSimA320 betas incorporate ATSU and AOC functionality. This is a welcome addition with METERs able to be requested directly from the MCDU menu, and native SimBrief integration. A new Windows based stand alone Instructor OS (developed by Andreas Breitschopp, CTO of ProSim-AR) is now also available with the avionics suite.

ProSimA320 IOS


There continues to be functionality missing, or ongoing persistent software bugs since the inception of the ProSimA320 over 4 years ago. It is essential for the development team to eliminate these bugs if they intend to target a professional market requiring accurate modelling and simulation. Modelling of the flybywire, terrain and weather radar system still require tweaking. There remains no triple click sound on mode reversion, an important safety audio alert. Audio Control Panel functionality and integration with the radio management panels is incomplete. Rudder control loading (essential for engine failure training) remains a commercial only option.

There remains concerns software development will be retarded with human resources spread out across three avionics packages (B737, B737 MAX, A320) and now also their new FMS trainer.

Jeehell FMGS

Non-commercial users of Jeehell FMGS continue to benefit from the development of the commercial version of the software. At a total cost of zero dollars for the home enthusiast, FMGS has tremendous operational training value. Compatible with Microsoft FSX and Prepar3D, the flight dynamics of the software package is tuned to be used with the 3rd party freeware, Project Airbus. Many real world Airbus pilots have praised its flight handling characteristics and realism. Compatibility with flight simulator hardware vendors and I/O options remains limited (compared to the competition) and a native Instructor OS continues to be only available for commercial customers.

I have heard the FlyByWire group may be working closely with Jean Luc, the developer of FMGS to ensure MSFS 2020 compatibility.

A320 Simulator

A320 Simulator

Unreleased but now in an internal Alpha development stage, A320 Simulator by Rene, Bruno, and Jan is the software avionics suite to look out for. Their blog is detailed with information on new features which are incorporated into the software on a day to day basis. A320 Simulator functions with FSX and P3D but in October 2020 the developers also announced compatibility with X-Plane. Perhaps we could see a public beta release sometime in 2021?

It has been a tumultuous year – heres looking forward to a better 2021!

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