Radio Management Panel (RMP) Simulation

FO Radio Management Panel

The RMPs are now successfully integrated with the simulator. Interfacing with Cockpit Concept AIRINC429 boards allows the hardware to talk to the avionics software using FSUIPC. Cross talk, or synching between 2 or 3 RMPs is also possible using the dialog input and output – when you change the frequency on one RMP, this is reflected on all RMPs. SIMon has written in detail about this feature.

Realistic COM 1 VHF1 operation is now possible on Vatsim/IVAO with the ability to tune into online ATC. VHF2 (COM 2) and standby NAV operations will require additional AIRINC I/O interfacing.

Update – 10/02/2021 Cockpit Concept has now released an RMP Board supporting all 3 RMPs and standby navigation.

RMP pin-outs

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