Airline Training Orientation Program

Aviation101 has produced an informative video segment on the Airline Training Orientation Program (ATOP) available at JetBlue (Orlando) and American Airlines (Dallas).

The 3 day course ($495) is available to FAA certified U.S. pilots and includes the following –

1. Comprehensive Tour of the Pilot Training Center
2. Ten hours of B-737/800 or A-320 Systems & Procedures Familiarization
3. Two hours of Cockpit Management Procedures with B-737 or A-320 Cockpit Mock-ups.
4. Fly the B-737/800 or A-320 “Full Flight” Simulators. One hour of B-737/800 or A-320 simulator time may be logged along with two ILS approaches and two landings.
5. B-737/800 or A-320 “Mini Manual”
6. Optional Airline Career and Interview Briefing

Classes are small and popular and you will have to book well in advance. A great experience one should not miss if you have the opportunity!

One thought on “Airline Training Orientation Program

  1. I attended both the B737 and A320 ATOP courses and had a blast. I went with a good customer Jeff W. to do the B737 in Dallas, also meet one of our customers and did Sim session with Bruce and Wayne C.

    The A320 was in Orlando and did that course with 3 customers, Jeff W again along with Dave E. and Alex G.

    Both were courses and highly recommend them if you can do them!


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