Cockpit Concept Connect Update

The latest Cockpit Concept Connect software update ( expands on support for X-Plane Flight Factor-A320. In addition to OEM FCU support, the software now supports the OEM brake pressure gauge, rudder trim, voltmeter, ACP and RMPs.

X-Plane Flight Factor-A320

With the additional hardware support, Flight Factor-A320 can now be a reasonable option for flight deck builders and an alternative to Jeehell FMGS or ProSimA320.

Cockpit Connect Change Log

  • Added FlightFactor A320 rudder trim to LS Transceiver
  • Added ProSim 737 MAX to various boards
  • Added window for A330/A340 FCU
  • Fixed range not working on A330/A340 FCU if in plan mode
  • Added a few things for Input Board JeeHell to allow better assignments with OEM hardware
  • Added new JeeHell switches
  • Relais on A320 and A330/A340 FCU boards can now be turned off (useful in an OEM environment)
  • Added FSUIPC IAS to Analog Voltage Board
  • Fixed a few issues with A330/A340 FCU

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