Fenix Simulations MSFS Airbus A320

A surprise – Fenix Simulation reveals a ‘study-level’ Airbus A320 CEO for MSFS.

Developed in secretly for many months until its public announcement today, Fenix Simulation intends their aircraft to be a “comprehensive and complete A320 simulator available to desktop consumers” when published. The detailed modelling – both on the graphical frontend and systems looks extensive; available with their Airbus will also be failure simulation.

Although only currently in alpha development, the aircraft looks like it has the potential to supersede the fidelity of the Flight Sim Labs FSX/P3D A320x (although this is just hearsay for now).

Unfortunately this looks like it will only be a desktop simulation product and developers are once again excluding themselves from a lucrative enthusiast (cockpit building) / training simulation market.

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