ProSimA320 v1.50 – Native CPDLC

With the release of 1.50b1 CPDLC is now a native ProSim function.

August 19 Release version 1.50b1
CPDLC through Hoppie network added. This is the first iteration and not yet complete. Add Hoppie logon code to Datalink configuration menu to use.

Configuration of a Hoppie login code in the ProSim-System Datalink configuration menu allows you to use this function.

Notifying the Soarbywire ATC Center

Initial testing with TOPCAT indicates the communication protocol is working. In addition TELEX (free text) is also functional. CPDLC will be useful when attempting to simulate real world ops at busy airports, especially when participating in VATSIM/IVAO events.

TELEX Free Text

According to Pim, the release is also compatible with the Cockpit Concept replica DCDU units.

Photo credit – Pim (ProSim Forum)

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