ProSimA320 IAE Flight Model (v3.0) Release

ProSim have quietly released version 3.0 of their Prepar3D flight and visual models (20 Oct 2021); this version includes the CEO (Current Engine Option) – IAE and CFM.

To use the new models simply install the new models from ProSim update in the ProSim-Systems program. If you intend to use the IAE engine flight model, select the appropriate aircraft in Prepar3D. Using the ProSim IOS, enable IAE engine in the Cockpit Setup menu.

According to ProSim-AR this is the highest fidelity and polygon-count aircraft released by the company. There are also new aircraft sounds to match the the IAE V2500 engine. It is encouraging that ProSim users now have a choice of different flight model options for different simulator platforms. This includes an MSFS flight model to be release shortly, along with NEO version before the end of the year.

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