Fenix (ProSim) A320: Electrical Feature Review

Fenix have released a new blog update of their upcoming aircraft and its features. Aamir has also stepped through some of the electrical functions of the aircraft in a comprehensive video.

Fenix has been developed using ProSimA320 as its foundation so it is important to realise the aircraft systems will be fundamentally similar.

The walkthrough of the systems by Aamir provides a good indication of the detailed modelling available in Fenix and ProSimA320. Optional features of the Fenix aircraft (such as ACC ESS feed auto switching, discussed in the video) are also available as a setup option in ProSimA320. To see the available cockpit setup options which will most likely also launch with Fenix one can look at the ProSimA322 Cockpit Setup Options.

If you want to trial the aircraft system modelling and can’t wait for Fenix, you can download (trial) ProSimA320 now compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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