2022 and Beyond

2021 has been an eventful year (pandemic aside); there has been significant software and hardware developments and a few surprise announcements. What will 2022 bring?

On the software front MSFS continues to advance in development with patches and scenery updates. Several scenery developers have announced cessation of Prepar3D support and development to focus primarily on MSFS. It is anticipated more users (enthusiasts and professional) will be moving to MSFS from Prepar3D and X-Plane. It is likely MSFS will become the dominant flight simulation platform.

Avionics software such as ProSimA320 now support MSFS natively. In addition to the CEO engine model, a ProSimA320 NEO option should be available in early 2022. It is unknown if Jeehell FMGS will be updated with MSFS compatibility.

In 2022 Asobo will develop MSFS multiscreen rendering (useful for multi-projector setups for wrap around visuals) along with a weather API to allow for developers to interface an accurate working weather radar system. A new intercom system with working VHF audio is expected from the ProSim-AR team.

New features and failures continue to be added to ProSimA320.

Engine Bird Strike; ProSim A320 1.53, video from Alpha Tech

The announcement of MSFS Fenix A320 was a surprise; even more interesting is that ProSimA320 is being utilised as the core of the simulation. From my understanding all systems and logic calculations are performed by ProSim. The 3D exterior modelling, MSFS flight dynamics and interior virtual cabin (along with the EFB) and cockpit and exterior aircraft sounds are in-house Fenix development. It is expected Fenix A320 will release in 2022. It will be highly anticipated as there continues to be no high fidelity Airbus aircraft (or Jetliner) available in MSFS.

X-Plane with its flexible interfacing (datarefs) can now be considered as a serious option for flight deck builders. Skalarki, Cockpit Concept and Martin Duran have now released drivers to support vendor hardware and OEM equipment interfacing for use with Flight Factor A320.

Fenix Simulation A320 – Interactive Electronic Flight Bag

On the hardware front CAVOK simulations will soon be launching their AIRINC FCU board. A demo of their board interfacing with Flight Factor A320 (Toliss A340 is also supported and Jeehell FMGS and ProSimA320 interfacing will soon be developed):

In 2022 The Soarbywire Flight Simulator will be moving to a larger location. This will allow assembly of the full flight deck and experimenting with a DIY collimated display system.

Happy Holidays, and safe travels!


REX B737, A few minutes after taking off from Sydney YSSY 34R

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