Airbus Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Avionics for Sale

Contact if interested. Items located in Sydney, Australia.

Standby Horizon Indicator
Airbus A320 Standby Horizon Indicator, interfaced with stepper motors

OEM Standby Horizon Indicator interfaced with two Bipolar Stepper motors; Gyroscope is also operational and has been placed on a 3D printed stand for noise ambience. Wires, gyroscope, cannon plugs all included.

Gyroscope in operation –

USD $650.00

Standby Airspeed Indicator
Airspeed Indicator has already been converted with a servo motor (As removed from Sim)
Canon plug included

USD $350

Standby Altimeter Indicator

Canon Plug included
USD $660

MCDU Circuit Boards

Two sets for sale, Sextant Honeywell or Thales Honeywell (keyboard and case not included)
$200 for each set (all circuit boards included)

Sextant Honeywell

Thales Honeywell

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