Setting up BFF Rudder Control Loading (ProSimA320)

* The ProSim Avionics software is no longer recommended

For realistic airbus operation and training, it is essential to implement control loading into the simulator. BFF Control Loading Drive Boards can provide rudder feedback and autopilot rudder flight following with one engine inoperative function.

Unfortunately due to Brexit and COVID-19 pandemic, sales of the boards have ceased indefinitely (since 2021). Interested users should write to BFF Simulation to encourage a restart of production as there are no other affordable options available for DIY flight deck builders.

The rudder system must be mechanically built with no backlash. The following BFF configuration options can then be used for a Airbus A320 rudder control loading setup:

A minimum spring constant and minimum airspeed must be setup to allow for a rudder return to center (Tab 3, Rudder Forces).

Autopilot status offset must be set in BFF and ProSim. Rudder Auto-Trim should be enabled to allow for rudder flight following when asymmetrical thrust is detected (4, A/P Following).

Motor encoders positions must be used and position offsets must be written to a custom offset (e.g 0x66C0) (5, Sim Integration).

Rudder trim push buttons must be setup in both ProSim and BFF configuration (7, Trim Hardware). Assign the joystick buttons to Rudder Trim UP (left) and Rudder Trim DOWN (right). To determine the rudder trim rate enter a number which allows rudder movement at 1 degree/second, or look at the Airbus lower ECAM rudder trim indicator to match the movement speed.

In ProSimA320 configuration enter FSUIPC 16 BIT S and the offset you are using as rudder input. Push the rudder to the left, right and center and assign the fields.

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