Collimated Display System – Technical Dimensions

Measurements calculated with Wayne’s collimated-screen-tools.
Restricted to accessible 54″ mylar.
120° field of view.

Calculations (imperial / metric)
Sheet width 51.53 / 1.31
Sheet length 156.09 / 3.96
Mirror radius 59 / 1.50
Screen radius 36.81 / 0.93
Y offset 24 / 0.61
X offset 8 / 0.20

Visualisations (Thank you Alberto)

Also see Notes on a Collimated System

8 thoughts on “Collimated Display System – Technical Dimensions

  1. I wonder if the numbers are correct. It says: Mirror radius 59 / 1.50
    Screen radius 36.81 / 0.93.
    Shouldn’t that be the other way around? Mirror radius 36.81 / 0.93
    Screen radius 59 / 1.50?


    • No, the mylar is the part of the mirror and the largest part of the system. The screen sits on the top of the flight deck and is where the image is projected onto.


      • I see. The RSi Visuals work with multiple mirrors. Above the flightdeck there is also a mirror (not a back projection screen).
        BTW Can you feed in different numbers into the model (if you discard the Mylar size restriction)?


      • Yes, the first surface mirrors have two purpose – to extend the throw ratio of the projectors and to allow for front projection. You can put in different values in the spreadsheet – you will need to ask Wayne for access.


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