Main Instrument Panel Cover Repair

The Main Instrument Panel (MIP) panels are vacuum formed plastic which attach onto the Display Unit (DU) monitors with screw fasteners. They are manufactured in cathode tube EIS1 (rounded display corners) or LCD EIS2 (square corners) versions. EIS2 has now become the prevalent standard and is seen in most Airbus A319/320/321 series aircraft.

Airbus EIS2 Simulation

The DU covers are lightweight and they have a tendency to crack because of its plastic structural integrity.

Cover Repair

A series of steps are required to fix the cracks; including filling in any gaps and matching the texture and colour of the paint of the OEM covers.

Close up of an OEM Airbus EIS2 DU Cover; notice the texturing quality

1. Use appropriate plastic glue or adhesive to close any cracks or gaps; if the gap is too large and visible, use an epoxy putty such as Knead It Multipurpose. Sand down to an even level.

2. Spray paint with a primer. Tamiya Fine Surface Primer Gray can be used for this purpose.

3. Use trim structure spray paint to provide texture to the panel. Master Plastic Trim Structure Paint (thank you Tobias)

Repaired OEM Cover after texturing with Structure Spray Paint

4. Spray paint with matched colour. Dulux B 11.70 , EE 2.375 , M 32.125

5. Complete with clear top coat; this provides a reflective quality to the panel like the original

Repaired DU Cover with Top Clear Coat applied
OEM MIP Cover Repaired

3 thoughts on “Main Instrument Panel Cover Repair

  1. Hello Ben,

    is this a mixed color?
    I can’t find anything with this information (Dulux B 11.70 , EE 2.375 , M 32.125).
    I have been looking for this color for a long time.

    Thank you.


  2. Thank you for the information.
    I’ll see if I can find a Dulux dealer here in Germany who can do something with the color code.


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