Flight Factor A320 Ultimate Professional

X-Plane developer Ramzess has advised there is now a new roadmap for Flight Factor A320 including new features for their professional customers. Four developers are now working full time on the avionics program including two which are real world A320 pilots. There will be a new weather radar, and also failures and special modes in the professional version used in pilot training. There will be XP12 compatibility.

Forums X-Plane.org

More information on their professional version should hopefully follow in the next few months.
For now, FF A320 Ultimate can be interfaced with most common hardware using the A320 Connector and NVAN X-plane Controller (pokeys)

Skarlarki hardware interfacing is already implemented.

The following OEM Airbus avionics hardware are also supported (with more most likely to follow) by Cockpit Concept:

Audio Control Panel, Brake Pressure Gauge, Flight Control Unit, Radio Management Panel, Rudder Trim Panel, Voltmeter

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